How can a disciple serve Guru?

First of all we have to establish the definition of service. Service is to please the object of service. In order to please, we have to sacrifice our ego and follow the instructions of the object of service.  For instance, if our object is to serve Guru then we have to follow the instructions of Guru, and prepare our selves to please Guru with our activities.  Guru is non-different from Lord Hari. Guru is the representative of Lord Hari. Therefore, Guru will be pleased if we serve Krishna, Sriman Mahaprabhu and Vaisnavas to the best of our ability; according to his direction and example.

Krishna is always pleased if we chant His name and serve His devotees.  Vaisnavas are always pleased if we serve Krishna by chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Srila Gurudeva in our eyes is the best Vaishnava amongst all members of the Vaisnava community. Therefore if we chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra with love and serve Vaisnavas without discrimination, this will make Srila Gurudeva very happy. Whenever the object of our service, Sri Guru, is feeling happy then we should know that we have rendered service to him.

Of course, Guru will instruct us according to time, place and circumstances, but he’ll never deny our previous Acharya’s instructions.  All his instructions should be based on the instructions of the previous Acharyas, based on Krishna’s desire, based on Mahaprabhu’s direction.

In brief, we can say that when we are able to serve Vasianvas, Mahaprabhu, Krishna with Love; then naturally Srila Gurudeva will feel happy. When the disciple’s activities are the cause of Srila Gurudeva’s  happiness, then those activities will be considered service. The disciple should follow the heart of their Srila Gurudeva and keep his activities accordingly, then his activities will be considered service to Sri Guru.

– B.B Bodhayan Maharaj


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