Dearest Vaisnavas

Please accept my heartfelt dandavat pranams,

All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

This year Purushottama month is being observed from April 14 to May 15.  This special month of mercy manifests only once every three years.

Our Srila Gurudeva, Srila Bhakti Bibudha Bodhayan Maharaj, has requested that all aspiring Vaisnavas offer the following sacrifices on these auspicious days.  This is a very spiritually empowering month and engaging in devotional service in the following activities ensures great spiritual advancement, when done with the proper devotional mood.

1)     Please Chant the following mantra 12 times in your mind three times a day while remembering the pastimes of Govardhana lila:

Goverdhana-Dharam Vande Gopalam Goparupinam
Gokulotsavameeshaanam Govindam Gopikapriyam

2)   Every day offer a ghee (pure cow’s ghee only) lamp to Tulasi Devi and to the Sri Purusotama-Sri Krishna

3)   Recite either the Sri Jaganathastakam or Sri Damodarastakam

I have a link here of Srila Gurudeva reciting the Sri Jaganathastakam download here.

Attached to the bottom of this message is the Sri Jaganathastakam and translation.

I would like to thank Vishwambhara Prabhu and Yagneswar Prabhu, for relaying Srila Gurudeva’s message to us, to share with all of you.

Sincerely aspiring in service to Sri Hari Guru and Vaisnavas,

Madan Mohan das

Sri Jagannathastakam Pdf with translation download here

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