The arrival of Srila Gurudeva in the Ukraine

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All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!

The arrival of Srila Bhakti Bibudha Bodhayana Maharaja to Ukraine will be held as planned, from 1 to December 10.


December 1
12.55 (flight – SU 183 W) Maharaj arrives in Kiev.
17.00 – 19.00 (tentative) – a program in Kiev (or in the Yoga Club, or
21.54 – Maharaj travels to Odessa on the train Chernomorets 105 K.

On all matters of Kiev program, please contact:
Ishan Prabhu – ie +380930860612
Atmeshvar Prabhu – ie +380502909008


December 2
6.12 – Arrival in Odessa.

2 – 4 December -Maharaj takes Ananda Club.
5 – 9 December – TOTAL festival begins.

Venue: sanatorium “Black Sea”, 14 st. Big Fountain, accommodation costs 70 UAH. (Around $ 9) per person, room 2-rooms, there are a few 3-bed, travel: routes.№ 215 (going past the main entrance of the market Privoz) routes. № 223 (Kulikova walks past the field), tram number 18 (Railway Station, Kulikovo field).

11.00 – General (or Individual) darshan.

18.00 – Evening Program.

We ask those who are going to live in motels, must be mentioned report this Tapasvini DD (preferably before 25 November).
By the condition of the administration – must be at least 20 people. Because housing, which will be held the festival will be specially heated for entering the devotees.

Contact Tel:
Tapasvini dd +380482497119 And +380634843343
Anindita dd +79096377214 (For the devotees of Russia)

December 9 will be the final program.
22.54 – Train Chernomorets 106 W – Maharaj will leave for Kiev, the arrival of 7.37.

December 10

In Kiev, maybe even a breakfast program or darshan.

12h. – Departure to the airport (flight – SU 184 T. Kiev to Moscow at 14.30)

Another kindly requested – to connect to the financing of the festival on the following expenditure:

1.Zakupka bhoga;

2.Arenda hall;

3.Arenda cuisine;

4.Zakupka flowers for garlands.

If you have any questions, please contact Tapasvini dd

On December 10, arriving in Moscow to lecture Srila Bhakti Bibudha Bodhayan
Maharaj, President acarya Sri Gopinath Gaudiya Math.
For those who want to meet / spend it at the airport, so the data on flight:
December 10: Flight Kiev-Moscow (Domodedovo) 184 T, arriving at 17.00;
December 15: Flight from Moscow (Sheremetyevo), New Delhi 533 T, departures in 16.20.

From 10 th to December 14 inclusive, Srila Bhakti Bibudha Bodhayan Maharaj
will give a lecture at the cottage nearest suburbs.
Can get there by subway or Tushinskaya (out of a wagon) at 160
shuttle bus (journey time: 20-25 minutes if no traffic jams), or from the subway
Shodnenskaya on the express bus number 100 (landing at the cinema
“Baltika”. Ask the driver to stop at a village market in Brekhovo
building materials. Out, and go forwards to the forged gate on the left
side (it will also shed protection), enter inside, just the first cottage.

Nonresident may also be placed in the cottage. Free accommodation, please
to bring sleeping bags.

To contact us:+7 916 181 78 17 (Shachisuta Prabhu)


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