Please be well-wishers of all living beings

Please keep your mind that we have to be well-wisher of all living being (not only human being even all living being). Therefore we should not hate anyone; we will hate person’s bad activities and try to rectify them with our exemplary character. Also, please keep in your mind that devotion is not a matter of competition but it is related with full of love without any thinking of  mundane benefit/condition. Krishna is embodiment of Love. Therefore our practice is based on Krishna’s satisfaction/ God satisfaction. When Krishna will be happy with our services then we can be happy. Krishna become happy through our chanting, Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Please chant the mantra and make yourself  happy eternally.

Nitai Gour Haribol

Sincerely yours in the services of the Supreme Lord and His associates,

BB Bodhayan


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