Appearance day of Lord Ramacandra

Excerpt from a talk by Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami original talk can be found by clicking here.

Today is the appearance day of Lord Ramacandra. I wanted to speak about Him, but there is little time left. It will be difficult to speak more, but I will still speak about one of His pastimes. This happened after Lord Ramacandra had returned to Ayodhya from exile. With great honour, He was appointed as king. After becoming king, He gave a standing order to Laksmana to check if there was any hungry man at the door before taking meals.

One day Laksmana told Sri Ramacandra that He had just made a call to check, and nobody was hungry. Lord Ramacandra asked Him to go again and make a loud call to check if there was anyone remaining who was still hungry. Obeying the order of Lord Ramacandra, Laksmana went outside again and made a loud call. He did not see any men, but He saw a dog weeping there. Laksmana went back inside and told Lord Ramacandra that there was no one outside but a weeping dog. The Lord called for the dog. The Supreme Lord is the knower of all languages, so He asked the dog, “Why are you crying?”

The dog replied, “One brahmana has beaten me with a stick”.

The Lord called for that brahmana and asked whether the dog was telling the truth. The brahmana replied, “Yes, this dog was sleeping on my path; that is why I beat him. These dogs sleep anywhere and everywhere; they should be beaten with a stick.”

Lord Ramacandra understood that the brahmana was at fault, but what can you say to a brahmana? So, He asked the dog, “This brahmana beat you with a stick; now what do you want?”

The dog replied, “My Lord, let him become a math-in-charge.”

On hearing the dog’s reply, the Lord smiled and asked the dog, “This brahmana beat you with a stick and you want him to be appointed as a math-in-charge? He will get lots of service and many disciples by becoming a math-in-charge. What benefit will you get by this?”

Then the dog replied, “I was also a math-in-charge earlier. I did some wrong deed because of which I am now in the body of a dog and being beaten with sticks by everyone. If he becomes a math-in-charge, he will then become a dog and will be beaten with sticks. In this way his punishment will be complete.” That is why there is a big risk in becoming a math-in-charge.


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