Sri Vamsidasa Babaji ~ Disappearance

Instructions by Vamsidasa

Though many people, attracted by the fame and austerity of Vamsidasa would come to him for benedictions, Vamsidasa would generally ignore them. Once in a while he would get angry at people asking for material benefits and strongly chastise them. However sometimes when he was approached by a sincere seeker then Vamsidasa would instruct him in his typical fashion by conversing with the Deities. Some of his instructions are:

“Whoever offends a Vaishnava cannot be saved.”

jive-daya name-ruci vaisnava-sevana
iha chara dharma nahi suna sanatana

“Kindness to all living beings, taste for the holy name and service to the Vaishnavas – apart from this there is no other religion.”

Once a man asked Vamsidasa how to attain God. Vamsidasa replied: “The personality of Kali is extremely powerful. When Kali came, Krsna told Narada, ‘Now it is time for Me to go.’ Sri Narada asked, ‘What will be the future of the creatures in this world?’ Krsna replied, ‘Those who worship the brahmanas and feed them will attain Me.’ Narada asked, ‘What of those who are too poor to serve the brahmanas?’ Krsna replied, ‘Those who worship Me with flowers and Tulasi will attain Me.’ Narada then asked, ‘What of those who are lame from birth?’ Krsna replied, ‘If some one only once at the end of the day calls My name with undivided devotion, he will attain Me!'”

Final Pastimes of Vamsidasa

On March 17th 1944 Vamsidasa returned to his home town of Majitpur. He did not actually enter the town as it is traditional for renunciants not to return to their former family. He lived there for some time and finally on Caturthi, July 23, 1944, Srila Vamsidasa Babaji Maharaja concluded his earthly pastimes and resumed his service to Lord Krsna in Goloka.

Excerpted from Stephan Knapp’s website read the full page here.

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