Dear Srila Bodhayan Maharaja,


Please accept my humble obeisances at your feet.  All glories to Sri Guru and Gouranga. I am writing you on your blessed Viyasa Puja day to express my affection and gratitude towards you . I feel so blessed to have come in contact with you Maharaja. I feel that the only way this has happened is because it was sanction by Krishna and my Diksha Guru. From the first time I meet you , you have explained to me that Guru is one and that Diksha and Shiksha Guru is the same when fallowing the same line of Shastra.

Ever since I have meet you Maharaja you are always teaching me how to live like a Vaishnava. You teach me Humility by so many thing you do but the one thing that stands out in my mind the most is when in Mayapur this past March you came out of your room and served Ram Das , Vidaghda Madhava, and myself some fresh salad prasadam from your garden. Your humble spirit and desire to serve devotee has made a permanent mark in my mind and heart. From your example I am understanding the importants to serve all Vaishnavas and to clear my heart of any fault finding propensities .

You have taught me kindness and made me feel true protection . Maharaja in the little time that I have been around you , you have displayed so much kindness to so many devotees. You always have words to sooth their distress situation or helping other even with their financial problems. You are teaching by example to all of us how to be kind to all living beings. I will never forget the manner in which you told me not to kill the cockroach in my home . It made a true impression on me.  In this world where Kali Yuga is progressing so rapidly and women are not being protected you have made me feel so protected. You protect me even from my own mind. When I have problem in my mind I know that I can go to you to make thing clear on how to serve Krishna and his devotees. I have full trust in you therefore I feel protected by you Maharaja.

Serve Krishna and his devotees and never stop chanting . These are the instruction you have given me verbally and by example. I am always so happy to have the chance to help you while you are cooking in the kitchen . I am learning from you the manner in which to cook for Krishna. By your mercy I am understanding the importance of serving the Devotees of Krishna. Whenever I have the chance to be close and serve you Maharaja I forget everything else in my mundane life. I forget that I am a woman, mother, grandmother, wife, employee , etc etc……. and I only remember that I am spirit soul servant of Krishna.  It is always so sweet and spiritually uplifting time for me. I have never stop chanting but I am only hoping and praying that by your grace I will be able to chant with more quality . I know that this is the only way I will be delivered from this material world where Kali yuga is progressing so fast.

Maharaja I pay my obeisances to your mother and father for bringing you into this world and to your Grandfather for encouraging you in the path of devotion . I pray to Krishna that I will always be allowed to serve you and to be under your guidance and direction. In my very insignificant life in this mundane world full of disappointments and darkness , you are like a ray of light and hope in the middle of it all. all glories to you Maharaja .

All glories to your preaching .

Your eternal servant

Radhanarupini dd


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