Letter about Ekalavya

Dear xxx Prabhu,

Please accept my affection and convey the same to all members in your association.

First of all you have to know that Ekalavya was son of Hiranyadhanu, a soldier of Jarasandha (king of Magadh); Hiranyadhanu was belongs to low caste (sudra) family.  At that time Hastinapur’s authority was too much concern about caste system; even they were not allowing ‘Karna’ to be part of a fighter or competitor amongst there princes (Rajputras). Even Karna’s step father, Adhiratha approached to Dranacharya for becoming archery teacher of Karna. Also Dranacharya refused to teach Karna too. Although, Karna was son of Kunti Devi but due to social system (before marry to give birth is offensive and symptom of non-chastity lady) of that time – Kunti Devi felt afraid to tell truth and hide Karna through floating on a small boat on river as soon as Karna was born. Then Adhirath and his wife Radha both they find Karna on river and take care him as their son. Therefore, no one know that Karna originally was son of Kunti Devi or elder brother of 5-Padavas.

But your question about Ekalavya : although Ekalavya was born in Sudra family but due to his father’s nature to fight,  Ekalavya got enthusiasm to learn archery (Dhanurvidya) in order to become a famous Archary, even more better fighter than Dranacharya’s best archery disciple, Arjun. But he refused to learn the education from Dranacharya for the same reason of Karna. Anyway, Ekalavya used to learn all Dranacharya’s teaching from hidden place while Dranacharya teach to the all princes of Hastinapur (100 Kaurava and 5 Pandava.). According to archery education it was completely offensive and may create violence in society. Because, weapon application and rejection (back) both teacher should teach simultaneously step by step. Otherwise, sometime it can create problem; for instance Asvathama applied Brahma-Astra for destroying Pandavas and Arjuna also applied the same weapon (Brahma-Astra) against Asvathama. At that time, Srila Vyasa-Deva caught both Brahma-Astra by his mantra power and explained the problem of Brahma-Astra’s application and ordered both of them to get back the weapon. At that time Arjun get back the weapon as per the order of Vyasa-Deva but Asathama told the truth that he know application but he does not know rejection (back). Then Vyasa-Deva told him he should change his target of application. Then Asthama out of his anger towards Pandava he change for killing the seeds of Pandava, son of Uttara (Parikshit), wife of Abhimanyu. I think you understand the point to learn archery under the proper guidance of a teacher. Therefore, Dranacharya thought such type of learning will create future problems in society but how he can stop Ekalavya’s enthusiasm to become a best Archary to learn in such manner (hidden).  Right hand thump is the main finger for a best Archery; In order to save society from the problem (as mentioned above about Vyasa-Deva and Asvathama) Dranacharya told him if you accept me as your Guru and you learn all of it for watching my teaching from far; it is true that you learn enough then you have to give me Guru-Dakshina (offer somthing to please master/guru).  Therefore Dranacharya asked right hand thumb of Ekalavya as Gurudakshina and save society from problem (as like Asvathama made).

Actually, it was Dwapara Yuga and deliver people through archan (satisfy the object of worship). But it is Kali-Yuga, specially Mahaprabhu’s magnanimosity to help people and deliver people without discrimination. Therefore, if some one keep faith hidden way towards a Guru as Ekalavya kept for Dranacharya and continue spiritual practice as per Mahaprabhu’s teaching we should appreciate the person and never create any harm. Rather we should encourage him to chant and establish devotion.

Rest I have desire to explain you whenever we meet each other.

I am praying to Lord Nrisimhadeva for curing all your obstacles in order to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra with purity and get the taste of Harinam, eternally blissful.



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