Javat development project

Dear Devotees

Please accept my Dandavat Pranams.

I am sending the following three links about our Javat development project. I humbly beg that you consider looking at them with care:

By the grace of Srimati Radharani: we have become most fortunate to have the darshan of Deities placed in this makeshift altar at Javat, we came to know that these Deities are of the Dwapara Yuga. I have captured some pictures you can see at the link below –

Construction work of Javata project’s

Video Link –

Pictures –

As per the contractor’s estimated cost and Vrindavanlila Devi’s previous explanation of expenses; still, the project is lacking the funds to complete the task, Still needed is 16-lacs rupees more. Means we have collected 11-lacs rupees so far from those concerned in Russia, South America and South Africa.

In order to preserve our heritage place, the Kisori Kund and Radharani’s temple; please help the project financially, mentally and physically, out of your kind generosity and with your best ability and capacity. I am humbly begging this from you and all for completion of Srimate Radharani’s temple.

Actually, the old temple construction we were trying to preserve but most of the bricks was completely soft and they were not able to repair them properly; therefore, I sent you the above video link, if you watch the link then  you can see that we all most break everything of Radharani’s old temple .

Soon, Vrindavanlila Devi will send you the break down of the expenses paid so far.

If you consider my endeavor for this project valuable and believe it sincerely from the bottom of your heart; and you have capacity to help the project financially then please send the money as per your capacity.

Your Servant,

(President of Sri Gopinath Gaudiya Math).


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