Srila Bodhayan Maharaj’s Upcoming World Tour Schedule (Subject to Change)

1. From India on 27th of April (early morning) to South Africa.
2. From South Africa on 6th May (night flight) to Amsterdam.

I will stay from 7th to 21st of May at Amstrdam, Den Haag  on phone number :+31-70-4023271 then I will start for Venice (Italy) for 4-days (from 21st to 24th of May) then Austria from 24th to 30th May then on 30th May I will start for Ukraine.

3. From Vienna on 29th of May (fly at any time on the day) to Moscow.
4. From Moscow on 22nd of June to Bordeaux (a large city in France);
5. From Paris (France) or Madrid (Spain) on 16th of July to Miami (USA).
6. From Miami (USA)  on 18th of July to Costa-Rica (San-Jose city).
7. From Costa-Rica on 24th of July to Miami (USA).
8. From Miami (USA) on 26th of July to Montreal (Canada).
9. From Montreal (Canada) on 24th of August to NY (JFK).
10. From NY (JFK) USA on 29th  of August to San-Francisco.
11. From San-Francisco (USA) on 19th September to KONA (Hawaii).
12. From KONA (Hawaii) on 3rd October to India (Delhi or Mumbai or Kolkata or Chennai or Bangalore);


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