Seven Attainments of Harinam

                                                       Sree Sree Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, in his first sloka, is glorifying the chanting of Sri Krishna. Sri means beauty, beauty of Krishna. What is beauty of Krishna? Beauty is the potency. Attribute. Attribute of a thing is the beauty of that thing. That attribute in concrete form is called Radhika. So, Sri Krishna means Radha-Krishna. You are to chant the holy names of Radha-Krishna. He (Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) is glorifying the chanting of Radha-Krishna. By chanting Radha-Krishna, you can get seven fold attainments – all kinds of attainments. First attainment is, “Ceto dharpana marjanam”. When can you perform sankirtan? Perform sankirtan means? If you perform chanting of the holy names, forms, attributes, pastimes, entourage – one meaning. Another meaning – without ten fold offenses and the third meaning – chanting the holy name loudly, collectively in the association of Sudha bhaktas – is also called Sankirtan. These three meanings you find in the explanation of our Param Gurudev. When we are entrapped we wrongly think that we are this body. You are to perform Harinam Sankirtan. Rainfall of Harinam. If there is incessant rain of Harinam then the fire will be extinguished. When there are no desires, there are no afflictions – second attainment. Only Nam sankirtan. You are not to do any other thing. And the third attainment -all afflictions will go and all welfare will come. “sreyah kairava candrika vitaranam”. We will have moonlight. Lotus blossoms by the moonlight. Moonlight has got some calmness. Soothing. Moonlight is not like the light of the sun; scorching sun. Moonlight is calm, soothing, and pleasant. That pleasantness will come. All unpleasantness will go. All afflictions will go and you will get eternal welfare. All kinds of welfare will come. When light comes all darkness will go. Problems created by darkness will automatically go. Krishna’s name and form is one and the same thing. When Krishna appears light will come. So ignorance will go. With ignorance, nescience all the problems created by nescience will also go. All welfare. It will be like the lotus blossomed by the moonlight. Pleasantness will follow. Calmness of the mind will come. All kinds of welfare will come. And the fourth attainment, “vidyavadhu jivanam”. `Vidya!’ There are two kinds of learning – material knowledge and spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge means knowledge of the Supreme realty, Supreme Being, knowledge of my own self, knowledge of the ultimate realty, knowledge of the world, and what is the relation between them. Actual relation, actual knowledge, will be manifested, revealed by performing Hari Nam Sankirtan. If you do not perform Harinam Sankritan but only hear, you will have no feeling of this. If you perform Harinam Sankirtan, this sort of achievements, attainments will come. You will know `I am the part of the potency of Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. This body belongs to Sri Krishna. I shall serve with my body to Sri Krishna. My astral body, subtle body belongs to Sri Krishna. My real self, atma, is originating from the para potency of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. He is the possessor of the para and apara potencies. He is the eternal master and I am the eternal servant’. With that relation when you perform Harinam, with great eagerness and love, you will drown in the ocean of ambrosia, ocean of nectar. Not this mundane ambrosia, transcendental ambrosia. Ecstatic feeling. You will drown in the ocean. “pratipadam purnamrta asvadanam” – in every state you will have the complete relishment of the complete, absolute bliss and you will have no end. ” pratipadam purnamrta asvadanam”, in every state. One thing you have to understand. Here in this world, in your house, you remain for sometime. It will become monotonous, boring. You may change from one place to another. For some days you may get some satisfaction. After that it will become monotonous. But, Krishna’s name, attributes and such if you utter will give ultimate satisfaction. Narada Goswami is uttering the name of the Krishna. Rupa Goswami writes “Narada Goswami is performing Hari Nam, Krishna Nam. At every stage he is having the taste of full, complete rasa. It will not end. `I have tasted Sri Krishna. I don’t have to perform Harinam.’ No! At every stage you will have the taste of absolute bliss. Nobody can end it. Even Anantha Bhagavan is uttering Krishna Nam up till now and getting unlimited taste. He is still doing. “pratipadam purnamrta asvadanam, sarvatma snapanam” – and this body, mind, and atama all will be sanctified. Everything you can get. But it is difficult for us to perform Hari Nam Sankirtan.

— Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj


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