Glories of Javata

Glories of Javata

Javata lies about three kilometers east of the village of Nandagram in Vraja . This is the place where Srimati Radhika performed many confidential pastimes with the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. The word Javata was coined firstly because Sri Krishna would adorn His body with the lac or red paint (javaca) from the nails of Srimati Radhika and secondly, because of the presence of a large banyan tree (vata) at this place.


In the center of the village, on top of a hillock, is a temple of Sri SriRadhakanta next to the original house of Jatila. It is said that Srimati Radhika was married to Abhimanyu by the arrangement of Her father, King Vrshabanu who built a nice palace for his daughter there in Javata.  Abimanyu’s mother was Jatila and he had a sister Kutila, and a younger brother Drumidha.  The whole family resided together in this village of Javata.


Jatila and Kutila being crooked in character by nature, were always ready to make accusations on the supposed infidelity of Srimati Radhika in respect of Her  apparent dalliances with Sri Krishna. These divine pastimes, which are of the very nature of love, but not with regular marriage ties are known as parakiya rasa or a paramour relationship, are generally frowned upon by the mediocre pundits who are totally ignorant of nature of divine love, yet on the other hand these topics are always intrinsically sweet for advanced devotees ,such pastimes are strongly supported by all of the prominent Vaishnavas like Srila Visvanath Thakur etc.


Abhimanyu was the son of  Vrka Gopa, it is mentioned that in a previous life, Abhimanyu performed severe austerities to please the Supreme Lord Vishnu. The Lord being pleased offered him a boon.  Abhimanyu in turn had replied that he wanted the Lord’s consort as a wife. For that reason in his present life he became of the neuter gender, but by strength of the boon still attained Srimatiji as a wife. Though Abhimanyu was always identifying himself as the legal husband of Srimati Radhika, however, by the arrangement of the internal energy he was not even able to associate with Her, what to speak of touching Her, solely because of Her being the exclusive original pleasure potency of the Supreme Lord. The situation is somewhat analogous to the demon Ravana who was only able to capture the shadow form of Srimati Sitadevi because of his gross mental disqualification. Many similar esoteric pastimes of the divine couple at Javata have vividly portrayed in Chamatkara Chandrika , a book composed by Srila Visvanath Chakravarti Thakur .


In Javata there is a place known as kutiladuhsanashana where Kutila had apparently caught Srimati Radhika with Krishna together all alone. She was able to lock the door securely and with great delight began to announce to her family the apparent disgraced condition of her sister-in –law. However, when she appeared together with Jatila ,Abhimanyu and others to  unlock the door to expose Srimati Radhika, to their chagrin all they saw was Srimati Radhika dutifully engaged in worshipping a deity of  mother Kali.


Once mother Yasoda was packing a lot of unguents, perfumes and precious stones in a box to send to Srimati Radhika in order  to appease Jatila so that she would  not begrudge sending  Radhika over to Nanda Bhavan to visit them. However, Krishna noticed her actions and quizzed her about it, and she remarked that when Abhimanyu came around, it was to be handed to him as a gift for Sri Radhika. Soon after, Krishna and His friend Subal opened the box whilst His mother was immersed in her household chores and removed all the costly perfumes and precious stones.  Krishna crept into the box and Subal carefully closed the box. When Abhimanyu came, he was delighted to know that many precious stones had been gifted and he joyfully carried the box to Sri Radhika. Later when the Gopis opened the box, all of them became overwhelmed in astonishing laughter when Syama Sundar emerged from the box, thus adding to Their bliss of divine association.


The place called Vatsakhora (cowshed) is when Syama Sundar, in deep separation from Radharani, sent Subal to inform Her about His lamentable condition. But old Jatila, seeing Subala on the premises told him to go away on account of his being an associate of Krishna. However, Subala on the pretext of searching for a lost calf, defiantly entered the house to convey the message of Krishna to Radhika. She became willing to go to Krishna on hearing of His distressed condition and they hatched a plan whereby Srimati Radharani, disguising Herself as Subala ,walked out of the door carrying a small calf. Meanwhile, Subala in the guise of Srimati Radharani pretended to engage in conversation with the other gopis. Srimati Radharani in the robes of a cowherd boy skillfully answered Jatila’s query without arousing her suspicions and made Her way to Nanda Bhavan to mitigate Krishna’s separation.


Another time, Krishna in acute separation from Sri Radha, went to Javata in the guise of a mendicant to the house of Jatila in order to meet with Radharani. Usually Radhika, playing the role of a faithful wife would never meet any other man except Her husband. Nonetheless Jatila, not wishing to offend a mendicant guest, coaxed Srimati to go and offer some vegetables, fruit and grains to Him. Srimati Radhika with Her face dutifully covered by a veil, went out and offered articles to the apparent mendicant. But a smile came to Her face when the mendicant declared that He was not interested in the food but wanted Her reciprocation. She quickly uncovered Her veil and emptied the entire contents of the tray on the head of Sri Krishna. Krishna walked away, satisfied that He had seen His Srimati Radhika.


The place called Beriya is where Krishna in separation waited under a Ber tree in the courtyard of Radaharani’s house. To attract the attention of Srimatiji He climbed a branch and imitated the sound of a black cuckoo. However, when Srimati descended and tried to open the door, the loud sound of Her walking and ankle bells attracted the attention of Jatila, who queried in a loud voice, “who is there?”. Again and again whenever Krishna tried to enter the house He was prevented by the sharp voice of Jatila. Thus He spent the entire night under this Ber tree.


Srimati Radharani would stay in Javata, but from time to time she would go to Nandagrama to cook for Krishna in the palace of Nanda baba. Sometimes She would go and perform worship of the sun God in Radhakunda. At other times, on the pretext of obtaining water from Yamuna, she would meet with Krishna under a Kadamaba tree near the Yamuna.

In the eastern part of the village of Javat is the Sri Kishore Jui temple, which is adjacent to a pond of water. (kunda). This Kisorikund is where Sri Krishna sported with Srimatiji and Her sakhis in the water. It is said that this water became very fragrant with the sandalwood and kunkum that emanated from the soft limbs of the Gopis.


There are 15 kundas surrounding the village of Javata beginning with Kishore Kund. The next is Siddha Kund, where by performing devotions one can attain prema. South of the village is KundalaKund where the sakhis would ornament Srimati Radhika. To the north is Krishna Kund where Sri Krishna would come and play His flute. To the west is MuktaKund, here the calves ornamented with necklaces of pearls, would be accompanied by the cowherd boys. The sakhis would become joyful at their sight.


At Vatsakhorakund the calves, with great thirst, would drink from this Kund thus earning its name. North of a former thick jungle called Daharavan is Yugalakund , there Krishna, while herding the cows, would come to this spot to meet with Srimatiji and the gopis. Further north of this place is VihvalaKund where the divine couple, when meeting at this rendezvous, would be overcome with ecstatic symptoms at the sight of each other. To the west of here formerly was a plantation of plum trees, where the sakhis would meet and enjoy these fruits, cavorting and playing with each other. In a northerly direction to this place is the Paniharikund where all the villagers gathered to collect fresh water and would also drink this sweet water from the kund.


Laadalikund is where all the various associates of Srimatiji would come and perform various types of services for Her and the name is derived because they would often meet Her at the bank of this Kund. Immediately beyond this Kund is NaradaKund where Narada Muni performed various austerities to obtain the mercy of Srimati Radhika. It is said that even now, if anyone conducts prayers at this place, it may be possible for one to attain a vision of Srimati Radhika. Near NaradaKund is the place where Durvasa Muni blessed Srimatiji, being pleased with Her services, so much so, that whatever She cooked would taste like heavenly ambrosia.


East of this is Dharma Kund where Yamaraj blessed Abhimanyu being pleased with his sense of righteousness. Abhimanyu was very rigid in following all the principles of morality and religion and due to this Yamaraj appeared to him on the bank of this pond.


To the south is a place called Paarala Ganga or PiyalaKund. Formerly, on the banks of this Kund there was a heavenly tree or Parijata tree which was planted by Sri Radhika Herself who would make garlands with the flowers from this tree to offer them to Sri Krishna. At the present time the tree is no longer visible but the place can be seen. In Govindalilamrita, Srila Krishna das Kaviraj has discussed in length about the divine pastimes including Jatila, Kutila and Abhimanyu in Javata.



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