Earth Aware Hawaii News Update

Yesterday one of the cows on the property where we live in Hawaii left her body. Her name was Tilak because she had a beautiful markings on her forehead. She was very pretty with long horns and gopi dots around her eyes. Of the four cows living here, she was the most curious. She would always check out what we were doing, especially when we first got here.
All the cows are retired milking cows and pretty old. They graze freely on the property and quickly became our friends as we feed them bananas daily. They can been seen resting on the lawn in front of the house on a regular basis.
Tilak had started developing a cough some time ago, and it became worse recently to the point were it was difficult for her to breath. The veterinarian came and treated her with some antibiotics. We then gave her a secondary dose as well as some vitamins, but she was getting weaker and didn’t eat or drink much.
We could see her end was near and sprinkled some Ganga water, Tulasi leaves and scented oil from Lord Nrisimhadeva on her. We brushed her and sang to her. In the afternoon yesterday she decided she wanted to be alone and left the front yard. One hour later she gave up her body peacefully next to a tree. We did a little kirtan, marked her forehead with gopi chandan tilak and decorated her body with Lord Nrisimhadeva’s maha flowers.
One interesting anecdote is that the same day, a wild piglet wandered by the house looking for his mother. He was scared and found shelter at Tilak’s feet. Wherever she went, he went. And he was laying against her when she departed. So till the end Tilak was giving herself selflessly as a mother to everyone.
Go Mata ki jai! Hare Krishna!
Sacirani dd

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