Saranagati Goshala Project

Krishna could have appeared anywhere.  He chose to live among the cowherders.  In all of western Canada there is no goshala where the cow is protected, loved and worshiped.  There are however hundreds of establishments for abusing and mistreating the cow.  We are going to change that.

The initial phase of the Saranagati Goshala project is the completion of Barn #1.  This barn will be clean and comfortable and will demonstrate a high level of love and respect for the cow.  Besides milking and caring for the cow, regular Go Puja will be conducted.  Supporters and friends will be welcome to make personal offerings to the cow.

The barn is already half completed and funds are needed to finish the job.  Remaining work includes siding, windows, doors, stalls and perimeter fencing.  All labor has been and will continue to be voluntary and unpaid.  Deadline for the completion of the goshala is June 2013, at that time the cow will be invited to live in her new home.

To Find out more Click on the Link Below It will open in a new window.

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