How to rid obstacles to spiritual advancement 2

Founder Acarya Sri Gopinath Gaudiya Math

kvaham daridram papiyan kva krsnah sri-niketanah
brahma bandhuriti smaham bahubhyam parirambhitah

Meaning: Sudama said: – “I am nothing but the most sinful and lowly Brahmin and how could I possibly compare in any way to the Lord of all opulence, Sri Hari. Nevertheless, He with His two arms has embraced this most lowly person.”

Then he, Vasudeva, crying in sobbing tones again spoke: “Only the original Lord, the Savior of the fallen and lowly can perform this most magnanimous deed. I have been afflicted with this disgusting disease and the odor of my affected limbs would even make the lowliest person flee from me. Still, the Independent Controller whose nature is to be distressed at witnessing the misery of others, has mercifully embraced my in my wretched condition. Oh Lore Hari! I deem my former untouchable state more superior position for now the knowledge of my high birth could give vent to false pride which will make me forget the shade of Your lotus feet:”.
Hearing these gentle words, Sriman Mahaprabhu consoled him, saying:
(M 7 / 147 -148)

kabu tomara na habe abhimana
nirantara kaha tumi krsna krsna nama

“Chant the Holy Names constantly and deliver the Holy Names to others and in this way no pride will affect you. Lord Sri Krishna will definitely accept you if you follow these instructions. After comforting him in this way, Sriman Mahaprabhu disappeared, leaving the two Brahmins to embrace and weep in the mood of separation. In Caitanya Caritamrta this incident is referred to as the deliverance of Vasudeva. Here we have seen specifically, how Sriman Mahaprabhu had given instructions to the Brahmins to chant the Holy Names constantly, and preach it with showing proper example to others.”

The most worshipable Sri Srila Prabhupada comments:
“One who surrenders to Sriman Mahaprabhu and decides to serve Him, Lord Gaura Sundara surely accepts their devotional service. But there are certain rules to be strictly observed. While in household life, one should practice chanting, giving up the false pride of being a great devotee. Further he should, in the proper mood, remain intent on the preaching of the Holy Names of Krishna, for the welfare of others. He should never think that his devotional service would be impaired by the growth of pride in making disciples and preaching, but continue preaching humbly and faithfully.”

Excerpted from
Essence of Pure Devotion (Part V) Preaching and Self-Practice by His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Promod Puri Goswami Maharaja

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