We belong to Sri Krishna

Sree Sree Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

Sri Krishna says to Arjuna, I have two kinds of potencies: bhumirapo analo vayuh, kham mano budhir eva ca, ahankaram itiyam me, bhinna prakritir astada. Krishna says I have two kinds of potencies – one is para and the other is apara. Para means superior, apara means not superior – inferior. Apara, inferior potency, means material energy. In material energy you will find eight elements: earth, water, fire, air, sky, and mind, intelligent and false ego, not real ego. The eight elements of the apara potency is the material energy of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Energy belongs to Sri Krishna. Whatever is created by the energy also belongs to Sri Krishna. This body is the outcome of the apara potency of Sri Krishna! Who is the master of this body? As for example – I am the master of my own potency, Supreme Lord is the master of His own potency, His potency. I am the part of the potency of Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. This body is part of the material potency and the astral body is also part of the material potency. The possessor of the potency is Sri Krishna. Who then is the possessor of this body? `He!’ I am not even owner of my own body, it does not belong to me. This house belongs to Sri Krishna. But out of nescience, ignorance when we become adverse to Sri Krishna, illusory energy of Sri Krishna envelops us to think we are the masters of this world, we are the enjoyers. We are here now, after 400 years somebody will take this and he will say that I am the proprietor. After 500 years another person will come, he will demand that he is the proprietor. Out of ignorance we, human beings, have some rules and regulations, laws – if you can purchase this you can register then you become the owner. Humans beings got some laws which are made, but dogs do not require any such laws. At the Calcutta Math, there is one junction. Our math is there – 5 storied building and there are many dogs. In that side 4 dogs and in that side 5 dogs. They have made some demarcation – that side dogs should not come this side. If that side dogs enter there they will wow..wow..wow..attack – always disturbing. There is no recurrent law, so this is the nescience. Actually we belong to Sri Krishna. It has been stated by our Parampujyapad Sri Bhaktivedenta Swami Maharaj in his own writing and I have gone through those writings. Somewhere he was delivering sermons. He said, “Once Lord Indra was cursed by his Gurudev, Brajaspathi. He committed an offence to his Gurudev, Brajaspathi and so got cursed `go and take birth as a hog.’ By his curse Devaraj Indra became a hog and he has got his own children and family. The throne of heaven became vacant, empty. Brahmaji was thinking who will replace Devaraj Indra, the foreman of the heaven become hog. Then Brahma went there. `My dear sir, you are emperor of heaven. Why are you here in the hog family? You go and govern the heaven. There is nobody there. You go there. Come with me.’
`No!, I have got this nice hog family – many children, wife etc. I have got no time. I don’t believe. You go.’
Like that we have forgotten. We belong to Sri Krishna. If Sri Krishna comes to us and says, `You are my eternal servant. Come to me.’
`No!, I have got this nice building, and this children, wife etc., I have no time to go to you. I don’t believe you. Where from have you come? Why are you demanding me? I don’t believe.’
As far as I remember I have gone through this stage. So we have forgotten that we belong to Sri Krishna. We have forgotten this. We think we are of this world. We are in illusion. By the grace of Guru, Vaishnavas and Bhagavan, among crores of humans beings one or two persons, fortunate persons, will know that they do not belong to this world and that they belong to Sri Krishna. For that you should perform bhajans. It is very difficult to get sudha bhakta. Among the emancipated souls and those who achieve their goals, person who has taken absolute shelter of Narayan and performs exclusive devotion to Narayan is self-realized. Those who have that attitude to serve Krishna are blessed.

—Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj


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