Svarup laksana (primary attributes) of a sadhu

Sree Sree Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

The original quality or kife of the sadhu is to have one-pointed devotion. The one who serving krishna is serving all. The most elevated stage is to serve Krishna. If you pour water to the roots, the whole plant will be nourished. If you give food to the stomach, the whole body will be nourished. If you serve Krishna, you serve all. This is the fundamental original quality of a sadhu.

Will the aquatic animals living in the rivers, seas and oceans get Bhagawan? No. There are many vegetarians like the goat etc. By simply becoming vegetarians, you cannot get Bhagawan. Without one-pointed devotion, nobody can get Bhagawan. We perform japa of Bhagawan and we get something else. A person, who wants Bhagawan from the core of his heart, will immediately get Him. One, who has the one-pointed devotion to the Supreme Lord, is a sadhu. He does not worship any demigod. But he knows that by serving Krishna, he serves all. A chaste wife, who has got love for her honest husband, will serve the servant for the satisfaction of her husband. Like that, sadhus have got respect for all but they respect in relation to Sri Krishna. They do not go and worship any demigods. All the demigods are satisfied with the sudha bhaktas. The demigods are congenial to all those who have devotion to Lord Hari. So we should have one-pointed devotion. Krishna has said: mam ekam saranam vraja.

Sadhus cannot live without hearing and speaking about Krishna. Just like a fish, cannot live without the water. Without hearing about Krishna’s name, fame, pastimes and without engaging their senses in the service of Krishna, sadhus cannot live in this world. But some are doing for business. They speak about Krishna for another motive. Bhagwan is omni-potent. If I take shelter of Bhagawan, will He not protect me? Everywhere there are mishaps, but when God protects, nobody can do anything. Sadhus know that God will protect them. Therefore, they are calm and serene.

—Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj


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