Tatastha laksana (secondary attributes) of a sadhu

Sree Sree Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

A sadhu should have tolerance, the quality of forgiveness and forbearance because sadhus have got no desires except Krishna’s satisfaction. When there are other ulterior desires, motives or obstructions, a person becomes enraged. Sadhus have got no desires except Krishna’s service. They are dedicated to the service. They do not want money, name and fame. So if there is any obstruction in getting money, name or fame, a sadhu will not be enraged. Those who have the desires will be enraged. Their minds will be destroyed.

But nobody can destroy the mind of a sadhu. Titiksvah – sadhus have the tolerance. Sadhu is compassionate to all the jivas. They are seeing that the jivas are getting afflictions in this world. The jivas have got the heart to see Krishna and they have got no reason to be afflicted. We are the sons and daughters of the same Supreme Father. Why should we cry? We are not remembering Him and taking shelter. So sudha bhaktas go from one place to another.

Our coming here is a great mistake – running after phantasm. It is like living in desert. Your requirement is Krishna. Worship Him and you will get everything. For this reason, sadhus are compassionate to all – titiksvah karunika, suhrdah sarve dehinam.

Sadhus are most beloved to Sri Krishna. They have got no notion of friend or foe – ajata satravah santah. All are coming from the beloved Sri Krishna. I am the enemy of myself. There are no enemies in this world and my mind is my greatest enemy. Most beloved is Sri Krishna and all are serving Sri Krishna in a positive or negative way. Hiranyakasipu is serving in a negative way and Prahlad is serving in a positive way. I am not serving Krishna. I am most unfortunate. The sadhu always thinks like this.

There is no enviousness in the sadhu – ajata satravah santah. Sadhus have got tranquility of mind. They are calm and serene. They have got no desire except the desire of fulfilling the desire of Sri Krishna. Their duties are enjoined by the scriptures. They are simple hearted and are not crooked.

— Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj


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