Eradicating the root cause of commiting sin

Sree Sree Guru Gaurangau Jayath!

Conditioned souls have got currents of thoughts in their minds imbibed
from previous impressions of millions of births – holy thoughts and
unholy thoughts. This human birth is given by Lord to fight against
unholy thoughts and to enhance holy thoughts. Unless root cause of
committing sin is eradicated, the aptitude to commit sin cannot be
removed. The cause of sin is desire for committing sin and the cause of
desire for committing sin is misconception of self, cause of
misconception of self is nescience (ignorance), cause of nescience is
aversion to Supreme Lord, who is All-Existence, All-Knowledge and
All-Bliss. Therefore root cause of sin is aversion to Sree Krishna. So,
Sree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has said, “The conditioned souls of the world,
due to forgetfulness of their relation with Supreme Lord are averse to
Sree Krishna since time immemorial.” Therefore it is advised to
cultivate devotional forms principally to chant the Holy Name for
remembrance of Sree Krishna. We have forgotten Krishna from time
immemorial, we are to undo it and for this we are to take the help of
bonafide Shuddha Bhaktas. `Sadhan bina sadhya vastu keho nahi paye’ –
Without devotional practice nobody can get the objective.

After passing through 80 lacs of births of different species, we have
got this human birth. God was satisfied by creating human being as human
being has the capacity to discriminate between eternal and non-eternal
and can worship Supreme Lord who is All-existence, All-knowledge and
All-bliss. This human birth is not meant for eating, sleeping, defending
and mating like birds and beasts. In Srimad Bhagavatam, 9thCanto, Ved
Vyasa Muni has said that Ambarish Maharaj, who was most favorite devotee
of Supreme Lord Sree Krishna could remove all desires of this world
gradually, by performing bhajan without deceitfulness. A conditioned
soul cannot get the desired result all of a sudden. If he is sincere in
his efforts, by the grace of Supreme Lord Sree Krishna and His devotees,
he will be ultimately successful.

— Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj


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