Nectarine Sayings

Sree Sree Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

Our Most Revered Gurudeva used to advise not to make any decision by your own
initiative, as mind and intellect of a finite being is always incomplete
and defective. Any decision taken by finite mind and finite intellect
will increase more problems. The correct way is to take absolute shelter
to the Lotus Feet of Supreme Lord and His Absolute Counterpart –
Gurudeva or Shuddha Bhakta, who are omniscient and All-Merciful. A light
of Transcendental Divine Knowledge will enter into the heart of the
surrendered soul and remove all doubts. All problems will be solved by
it immediately and effectively. I mean to say in short, we should not be
carried by our finite, mental and intellectual feeling. One should be
guided by the realised souls. Finite individual souls of the world, by
their finite intellect can never solve their own problems and also
problems of other finite living-beings, as they are enveloped by
illusory energy. They have got misconception of self and wrong knowledge
of their actual requirements, but the difficulty is this, association of
a bonafide Shuddha Bhakta or Sadguru is very scarce. Our only hope is
this, Supreme Lord Sree Krishna has said in the Gita – `If anybody
is sincere, he will never be deceived’. God exists in the heart of every
soul and knows everything. Nobody can do good or bad acts without His
knowledge and Supreme Lord is controlling the fruits of the actions of
all. We can do actions, but can have no hold over the fruits of

‘Those who always worship Sree Krishna with sincerity of heart, Supreme
Lord bestows them wisdom to understand the way to attain Him’ – Gita

Narada Goswami’s instruction to Dhruva – `(If conditioned soul wants
to attain God) One should never blame others for his own troubles and
worries. The conditioned souls reap the fruits of their own actions’
–Srimad Bhagvat, 4th Canto.

Last message of His Divine Grace Most Revered Paramgurudeva Srimad
Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur to His disciples before His
disappearance:– `Don’t be disheartened seeing that majority of the
people of the world are not accepting service of Sree Krishna (Devotion
to Sree Krishna) without deceitfulness. Don’t give up your worship and
your only spiritual wealth of hearing and chanting Krishna-Katha. Always
do Hari-Kirtan being humbler than a blade of grass and more tolerant
than tree. All arrangements in this world are momentary’.

— Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj


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