Obstacles on the Path of Bhajan

Sree Sree Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

When a person sincerely performs Bhajan, he feels his drawbacks. Now when you are trying to perform Bhajan for GOD realization, you are facing so many hurdles on the way to reach the ultimate goal, so many drawbacks of which you had no feeling earlier. This is a long journey. You have only started Bhajan. Nothing can be achieved all of a sudden. It will take time. It depends upon the tenacity of purpose and wholehearted sincere endeavor.

As long as we cannot give up our material egos, it will not be possible to eradicate mundane vanities and drawbacks. Misconception of self is the root cause of self-arrandizment, deceitfulness and other drawback. It is not easy for an enslaved Jiva to give up mundane egos, so naturally it is very difficult to remove those shortcomings. By constant companion of bone fide Sadhus and by steadfast practice of different forms of devotion with submission to real sadhus, we can gradually remove our shortcoming. It will take time. It depends upon the intensity of Sadhan. Nothing could be achieved all of a sudden. This is also true when we actually perform Sadhan, we can realize our defects and drawbacks and we become humble.

We became more and more humble when we come in contact more and more with Sri Krishna Who is Absolute Good. This humbleness is not bad. When we come in touch with light, we can then realize that we were in darkness.

— Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj


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