Association of Sadhu, the root-cause of Krishna consciousness

Sree Sree Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

When we suffer from uncertainty to the extreme, we shall hanker for connection with Guru, the reliable source. I cannot put an inquiry to him with faith and trust, but Guru is a guardian who is my well-wisher more than I am to my own self. 'Guardian' means a friend who thinks more of me than I think of myself. He knows more about my welfare than I do. Such is the position to have a guardian, a friend, a Guru.

Narottama Thakura says, asraya laiya bhaje tare krsna nahi tyaje: "If one can get a bona fide guardian, his future is ensured." Krsna cannot very easily dismiss the guardian, because the guardian has a solid position in the Lord's relationship; so if I enter into the domain of my guardian's care, my position will be ensured.

Ara saba mare akarana. Others, who have not yet been able to tie themselves with the Holy Feet of their guardian or Guru are in an uncertain position, and they may be deviated by any agent. Their future is deplorable.

If through our sraddha we can have a real ideal in life and acquire a real guardian, then certainly our future is ensured practically. Our only duty will be towards our guardian, our Gurudeva, and all other duties will be automatically accomplished.

 So, to run throughout the length and breadth of this wide world, this land where nothing but various types of exploitation of various planes are existing, is to run as a ship without a rudder that can be swept away by sea-storm this side and that, endlessly, without purpose. It is through sraddha that we can connect with our highest goal of achievement and fulfillment. This matter must be solved. Then, real life begins.

Krishna consciousness is the cause of Krishna consciousness! And we have to get help from the sadhus who have got Krishna consciousness within them. Just as, from one candle another cadle may be lit. A candle cannot produce light from within, but it is to be lit from another candle - it is something like that. We are to awaken our buried Krishna  consciousness, which is covered by 'anyabhilasa-karmma-jnana'; so, that light, that association, will come to help the sleepingKrishna consciousness within us, and our consciousness will arise from it's sleep and show itself, as it is. So, the method is that: to take sadhu-sanga - "krsna-bhakti janma-mula, haya sadhu-sanga" - association with the sadhu, devotee of Krishna, is the root-cause of Krishna consciousness.

— Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj


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