Srila Bhakti Bibudha Bodhayan Swami Maharaja’s World Tour 2013

My abroad programs schedule for 2013:

  1. From 17th of April to 30th of May : Russia and Ukraine.

(from 17th to 22nd of April Moscow;  From 22nd April to 30th April South of Russia (under the guidance of Suddha Govinda Dasa Prabhu ; 1st to 7th of May Odessa; then two important cities in Ukraine until 20th of May; 21st  to 28th of May Siberia; on 29th a program in Moscow at devotees apartment then 30th May start for Miami.)

  1. From 31st of May to 4th of June : New York  (USA)

(Sriman Balaram Prabhu and Rati Manjari Devi’s guidance.)


  1. From 5th of June to 4th of July : Montreal (Canada)

(under the guidance of Anuradha Devi).


  1. From 4th to 9th of July : Miami

(Under the guidance of Vanumati Devi, Sripad Pran Govinda Das Prabhu).


  1. From 9th to 15th of July : Costa-Rica.

(Under the guidance of Sripad Ramesh Prabhu, Ananda Das Prabhu and Krishna Kinkar Prabhu)

  1. From 16th to 25th of July : San-Francisco (USA)

(Under guidance of Sripad Ramdas Prabhu)


  1. From 25th July to 2nd of August : Hawaii (USA).

( Under the guidance of Sripad Vidagdha Madhav Prabhu and Radhanarupini Devi).


  1. From 2nd to 9th of August : Australia.

Under the guidance of Sriman Lakshman Prabhu and Sriman Satyanaraya (Sunny)

  1. From 10th to 15th of August : TBA

Under the guidance of Sriman Sankarshan Prabhu.


  1. From 15th to 29th of August : Kolkata, Mayapur, Delhi, Vrindavan, Mumbai.


  1. From 30th August to 4th of September: South Africa.

(Under the guidance of Sriman Sunil Krishna Prabhu)

  1. From 5th to 27th of September: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Others.

(Under the guidance of Tapasvini Devi(Bolivia), Hare Krishna Devi(Peru), Rashbihari Prabhu (Brazil)


  1. From 28th of September to 3rd of October: South Africa (again).

(on 3rd of October, start for Delhi (India); in order to attend Srila Gurudeva’s Vyasa-Puja ceremony at Vrindavan.)

  1. From 20th of November to 20th of December : Holland, Spain, France etc. European countries.

(under the guidance of Sripad Vindu Madhav Prabhu, Madhava Prabhu)

  1. From 21st of December to 2nd January, 2014 : Moscow & Odessa

(on 2nd of January, 2014 start for India and start programs from Mumbai to South India then back to Kolkata, west Bengal  preaching programs).

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